Unless your homies are photographers, it’s overall pretty difficult to get shots of your work while you are actually working on it. To make that simpler – I’m offering Creator Candids as an option exclusively for creators of all kinds. So whether your passion is tattooing, cutting hair, painting murals or whatever else – I got you and all your photo needs.

How does this work?

Creator Candids are simply shots of you in your element. There will be a quick run down of what it is you would like captured or focused on and after that, you just do your thing. There will be little to no posing involved and I will stay mostly out of your way.

Rates are $75 for 30 mins, with a minimum of 5 digitals delivered to you in 72 hours or less. (Shoots are subject to a travel fee or hourly minimum depending on location.)

For examples, check out the gallery here!